Working together


If you are interested in working together, we can arrange a brief introductory conversation (up to 15 minutes)  online, which gives you the opportunity to meet me and ask any questions you may have.

If, after an introductory conversation, you decide to go ahead, we will arrange a full 50-minute session, which will allow us to explore what is happening for you in more detail, get a sense of who we are , and to see whether or not I am what you are looking for.

There is no obligation for you to continue working with me, following our 1st session, as I am aware of how difficult and overwhelming  all this can be. I also understand that circumstances change, and I will be more  than happy to  get you in contact with another counsellor.


Service Highlights

Free consultation

Single Session Therapy

Course of Therapy

Online Counselling £70

Negotiable rates for clients on low/income support

Find me under Counselling Directory and Instagram ti.nasmith888


Client Testimonials:

Tina was great at listening to my issues and helping me to think deeply about what I want to achieve and why. Always a pleasure to speak to you Tina, you always make me feel lighter after our sessions and stronger mentally.

I felt heard and supported in a quick enough time that I didn't just dismiss my feelings and move on because the process was too much. I'm still in sessions with Tina but yes, she is AMAZING.

Tina, THANK YOU! Your kindness, empathy, and understanding really made me feel heard and valued. I really hope our paths cross again someday, sister from another mister.

'Tina is an absolutely incredible lady, the best counselor I have seen. She picks up on body language and really empathetic and supportive and gives great insight. Thank you so much Tina for your incredible insight, support and fun nature. You really pushed me to say what I really think, and have really helped me get my backpack to a manageable size. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Thank you so much for everything, you are absolutely brilliant!'


'Thank you, Tina. I really appreciate everything we discussed and I appreciate you sharing your story with me as well, that was super helpful. You pinpointed the starting points for some of my anxiety but treated me with such kindness, I really really appreciate it.'


'She listened and encouraged me to keep talking about what is causing me pain. She is coaching me through this and making it about me.

Thank you Tina. I have put off seeing a counsellor for a long time out of fear of the process and you have made it seem much more doable. Thank you for your kindness and empathy.'


'Understood body issues and things from a queer perspective. Really enjoyed our first session and came away feeling lighter and understood. Look forward to chatting again soon!'


'my counsellor had clearly researched before our call which immediately made me feel, seen, heard and respected. I appreciated the extra effort that had gone into the session, it has given me some perspective and it highlighted a core issue to focus on (that has taken other counsellors multiple sessions to uncover)'


'Hey, I would just like to say thank you so much. I didn’t really know what to expect however I left feeling really hopeful and tearful (in a good way) I’m glad I was able to share with you about my religion and you learnt things. And thank you for allowing me to explore my perspective and feel grounded again. Honestly told my family that was the best therapy session I’ve ever had and I’ve done many therapies in the past. Thank you so much'


'I felt really heavy before my session and being encouraged to get how I felt off my chest (tears were involved too!) in a safe environment made me feel so much lighter. It was like talking to a close friend who was encouraging me to put myself first, reminding me that it's not 'selfish' to do so. I really needed to hear that!'


I loved it, it was quick and focused. She helped me with good questions, but also shared with me her external view what gave me a good secondary opinion about my situation. Thank you for your inspiring help.


'Thank you for not judging or dismissing my thoughts and feelings but also highlighting the positives and the things that I can and can't change.'