I am  a person who is passionate about the work she is doing.  I am interested  in my client and every aspect of their life they want to share.

It is a  privilege for me to be allowed to walk alongside another human being and to share their deepest feelings. 


My  professional Background has been in the Social Sector for more  than 27 years, in different care settings, that is where my passion to help others comes from, regardless of a persons background, ethnicity, colour or believes.  My first thought will always be 'what happened to you?' and not 'what have you done'.


In my private life I prefer to be outdoors, nature gives me the calmness I need to reconnect with  my senses, in a  otherwise hectic and fast pace environment. I have also developed an interest in weightlifting, and found it helps me to balance my mental health.

Family, Friends and my animals are my support network, from which I draw my mental strength and  it helps me to stay focused and grounded.